About TBA and Christine

TBA, or The Balancing Act, IS Christine. Well, me--although as you could see from the Home page everything there is "we". Someday you may have a staff accountant overseeing your account, but for right now it is all me.


 I am an MBA from the University of West Florida, and I have worked in the accounting field since 1992 in both public accounting firms (CPA offices) and the private accounting sector (accounting departments in major corporations). My specialty is forensic accounting, but I have been a Certified ProAdvisor off and on for QuickBooks Desktop for over 10 years. I can help you get set up, I can help you fix problems, or I can do "full service" where I keep your books on my Accountant version of QuickBooks and send you financials and general ledgers--and everything in between. If you already have QuickBooks Online I can work with you without you having to switch to Desktop, also. I also do forensic investigative work to individuals or businesses that require such, but please note I do not have associations with any professional organizations--my work is my own. 

I am home based back in the Florida panhandle after living in Atlanta and Oklahoma City for 10 and 15 years respectively, serving small and local businesses but as a remote office my "territory" has no borders. As mentioned on the home page, what separates me from other firms is twofold--one, you won't pay $250 an hour for my work and two, I use technology to keep us as contact free as possible, for your comfort and safety as well as my own. Video conferencing, emails, and (coming soon) secure file delivery to save on mail fees for both of us! This of course was crucial during the pandemic lockdown but is also what allows me to help you even if you aren't in my area. 

Some of the services I provide can be done on a flat rate, such as payroll tax reports. Other services that require trouble-shooting or forensic examination will be charged at my hourly fee of $75 with a 2 hour minimum. I do my best to give you a realistic and truthful time frame for troubleshooting projects, but realistically until I get in it I won't know for sure what I'm looking at so please bear that in mind. I do provide referral bonuses in the form of discounts for you if you send business my way.

In my spare time I like to be at the beach soaking up sunshine, reading a good book, and enjoying an excellent glass of wine.

Thank you for visiting! Please contact me if I can be of service to you.

"Life is to be enjoyed, not endured." -- Gordon B. Hinckley